About Hotel Investment Group


Leaving a Legacy of Guest Satisfaction

Hotel Investment Group attributes its success to its dedicated, loyal and passionate staff and customers. Each of our hotels have been designed with the ultimate guest experience in mind. Staying focused on the true definition of hospitality has helped HIG flourish into a vibrant company filled with positivity and great energy. Our mantra is to be better today than yesterday with the promise to be spectacular tomorrow. Our staff takes great pride in all they do. Each member understands our mantra and promises to rise and overcome any challenge with grace and customer care. With each success, we are motivated to push harder, do better, and leave no stone unturned.

HIG is a company on the move, our growth strategy is measured and coordinated, allowing us to share our passion for guest satisfaction with travelers from around the world. We accept and develop projects only if we are 100% certain that the end results will create value for our clients, employees and investors.

We understand the importance of staying true to our vision and mission statement. We never forget our core values and stay committed to our core principles of excellence, commitment, dedication, integrity and transparency. For team HIG, it’s more than just another day at work – It’s a way of life.

Mission Statement

  • Treat your Employees the way you expect them to treat your Clientele, and the money will follow.

Core Values

  • Be better today than yesterday
  • Availability is the best ability
  • Every lock has a key
  • Rising tide lifts all boats


  1. founded in 1990 in Fresno, California



    Hotel Investment Group (HIG) was founded in 1990 in Fresno, California when Bhavesh Patel purchased his first hotel, the Reps Motel.

  2. Super 8 in Fresno, CA - First Franchise Hotel

    First Franchise Hotel


    HIG operates its first franchised hotel, Super 8 in Fresno, CA.

  3. The Holiday Inn Express in Fresno, CA

    Began Construction & Operations


    HIG constructs and operates its first upper-midscale hotel, The Holiday Inn Express in Fresno, CA.

  4. Pacific Inn - First Hotel in Southern California

    First Hotel in San Diego


    HIG moves to San Diego and purchases its first hotel to develop in Southern California, the Pacific Inn.

  5. Evolution



    HIG experiences rapid growth, purchasing its first hotel package. Within a decade, the company evolves from 1 motel of 44 rooms to 6 hotels having 400 rooms.

  6. Expansion to North California

    Expansion to North California


    HIG expands to Northern California, purchasing hotels in Santa Clara and South San Francisco.

  7. Opening Management Company

    Opening Management Company


    HIG opens its management company in Hotel Circle, San Diego.

  8. Hotel Aqua Mar - First Boutique Hotel

    First Boutique Hotel


    HIG develops and opens its first boutique hotel, Hotel Aqua Mar in Point Loma, San Diego.

  9. Holiday Inn Express & Suites - First Hotel in San Diego

    First Hotel in San Diego


    HIG builds its first hotel in San Diego, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hotel Circle.